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School Choice for Clay County Middle School Students

West Virginia’s public schools have been working hard to improve the performance of our students in reading, writing, and mathematics.  On state tests, most students are scoring well and are achieving mastery in these core subjects.  Our schools have shown that they can and will rise to high standards.

The federal law, No Child Left Behind, requires that schools that do not meet the state standards for two consecutive years are identified for school improvement.  An LEA must offer public school choice to all students in Title I schools identified for school improvement, corrective action or restructuring until the school is no longer identified for improvement. Children in Title I schools identified for improvement are eligible to attend another public school in the district not identified for improvement and may receive transportation to the school. Transportation costs required to implement public school choice will be paid for by the LEA utilizing Title I as well as other allowable federal, state, local, and private resources. If available funds are not sufficient to provide transportation to all students exercising the option to change schools, an LEA must give priority to the lowest achieving students from low income families.

Clay County Middle School has been identified for school improvement.  However, since Clay County Middle School is the only middle school in our district, School Choice is not an option.  Further, Clay County Middle School has traditionally outscored it neighboring middle schools from other counties on the Westest.  For additional information on school choice, please contact the school principal or the CCS Title I Director.



Clay County Middle School

School Choice Number of Students Selecting the Choice Option

2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012

#Students          0                0                 0                0                0