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Math Field Day Winners


Congratulations to all students that were able to competeĀ in the 2017 Hugh Boggs Math Field Day Competition. Following is a list of the place winners by grade and School. Please see the pictures on the Home Page.

4th grade:

1st Place – Brianna Adkins CES

2nd Place – Mikey Murphy BOES

2nd Place – Ayden Brown BOES (There was a tie for 2nd)

Alternate – Delila Burkhamer CES

5th Grade:

1st Place – Isaac Brown CES

2nd Place – Maddie Gill BOES

3rd Place – Laila Varney CES

Alternate – Dylan McCumbers CES

6th Grade:

1st Place – Trey Lindenthal

2nd Place – Ethan Morris

3rd Place – Hunter Evans

Alternate – Thomas Case

7th Grade:

1st Place – Monny Holcomb

2nd Place – Aiden Taylor

3rd Place – Taleigh White

Alternate – Dillon Moore

8th Grade:

1st Place – Zoey Davis

2nd Place – Jarrod Schoonover

3rd Place – Elijah Payton

Alternate – Jessica Morris