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Former Students, Give Back

As active members of the Technology Students Association (TSA) at Clay County Middle School; Madison Morton, Katie Price and Ilyauna Evans are giving back to Lizemore Elementary School (LES). All three students enjoyed countless hours outside playing on the playground during their time at LES. Their dedicated teachers stood in the sun while they played and socialized with other classmates. To show their appreciation, they constructed a covered picnic table. Community service is a large part of the TSA association. By providing this addition to the LES playground, students, teachers and the community can utilize this structure. Teachers will be able to set in a shaded area, decreasing exposure to sunlight, while watching the children play. Students can set at the picnic table and communicate one with another, fostering social skills. Lastly, this structure can also be used by the community, encouraging families to focus on each other without distractions.

Special thanks to our donators: Priddy’s Lumber and Ace Hardward, Crab Orchard, WV; Clay County Bank, Clay WV; Elswick Lumber, Dixie, WV; Mullins Feed Store, Dixie, WV; David & Pam Wilson, Ansted WV; Bob and Debbie Grose, Bentree, WV; John Ward, WV.