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Clay County School and Class Attendance Winners

Student Attendance Matters!!!
           County wide student attendance for the 6th month was 91.97%. Clay Elementary School led the county with a 94.09% attendance rate, followed by Big Otter Elementary School with a 93.775 rate. Clay Middle School was third at 93.09%.
The best classroom rate in the county was at H. E. White Elementary School with Addie Cole’s second grade classroom at 97.74%. Second best in the county was at Big Otter Elementary with Jamie Paxton’s second grade classroom at a rate of 95.82%.
Jessica Stone was on top at Clay Elementary with a 94.75%; Joy Miller was the best at Clay High School at 94.00%; Richard Triplett at Lizemore with a rate of 93.93% and Clay Middle has a tie at 93.43% between Michelle Hamrick and Pamela Huffman. (not pictured)
Congratulations to all these teachers and students! You are making attendance a priority and we thank you!