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Student Attendance Winners 7th Month

Clay County Schools currently has a 92.24 attendance rate for the 2023-2024 school year. Leading the way for the 7th school month is Shawn Krajeski’s classroom at Clay County High School (pictured top left) with a rate of 95.74%. Closely following in second place is Megan Sears’s classroom at Big Otter Elementary (pictured top right). Megan’s three- year-old preschool students have a rate of 95.38%. Dawn Mullins’ K-1 classroom (middle right) was the best at H. E. White with a rate of 94.74%. Shawna Taylor’s fifth grade students (bottom left) at Clay Elementary also had a rate of 94.74%. At Lizemore Elementary, Myescha Schoonover’s fourth grade students (middle left) were on top with a rate of 92.71%. And Allison Vaughn’s students (bottom right) led the way at Clay Middle with a rate of 91.73. Congratulations to each of the top attending students at all six schools.