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9th Month Attendance Winners

Clay County Schools had excellent attendance for the 9th school month. Lizemore Elementary had the highest attendance in the county with a rate of 98.11% followed by Clay County High School with an attendance rate of 95.53%. Big Otter Elementary came in third with a rate of 93.42%.

As far as individual classrooms are concerned, Myesscha Schoonover's 4th grade class (pictured above left) at Lizemore Elementary led the way with an attendance rate of 98.63%. Dawn Mullins' K/1 classroom (pictured above right) came in a close second with a rate of 98.5%. They were followed by Megan Sears' 3 year-old preschool classrom at 98.13%, Shawn Krajeski's classroom at Clay County High at 97.86%, Nellie Elliott's students at Clay Elem at 94.72% and finally Michelle Hamrick's and Pam Huffman's classrooms at Clay County Middle finishing with a rate of 94.36%.

Congratulations to all of the students and teachers at each school who contributed to such outstanding attendance. One of the top three indicators of success in the school system is quality attendance.